When using the information on visiting authors remember that costs will change due to fluctuations in currency. Contributors generally indicate costs at the time of writing. To receive accurate and up-to-date information please contact the contributor directly.

Suggestions regarding cost, terms and conditions for visiting authors

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Upcoming confirmed visits

  • Shamini Flint - Book launch at Tanglin Trust School.

Possible visits

I have been in contact with Barbara Reid, a Canadian author and illustrator, as I wanted to find out if she ever conducted international author visits. She has a very unique illustration method of making her pictures with plasticine and has her photographer husband photograph them for her books. She has won and been nominated for numerous awards.

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She has not done an international author visit before, but is very keen to explore this option. Are there any other schools who might be interested in sharing the costs of bringing her to Singapore? Nothing is set or confirmed, but I am keen to explore the possibility for the 2009/2010 school year.
-- from Stacey Socholotuk (Canadian International School)

UPDATE: 27 November 2008. Trevor has been in touch again with information on Chris Bradford author of The Young Samurai. He is hoping that Chris will visit Singapore in the autumn term, 2009. Please contact Trevor with expressions of interest.

Booking agents

Esther Kennedy - Australian. Organized Morris Gleitzman’s visit.

Sue Russell Nexus Arts Australian. - Andreas Litras, Terry Denton.


Coordinates school visits, Festivals, theatre shows and overseas tours for some of the most highly respected children’s authors, poets and illustrators in the UK. Both Tanglin & CIS have recently worked with Authors Abroad to bring Nick Toczek to Singapore.


B-RJB Primary.pdf

b-gabrielle wang.pdf

Trevor Wilson.....

…contacted me - he plans tours all over the world for small select group of authors and poets
The authors and poets he works with are : Peter J Murray ( author) , Alan Gibbons ( author), Nick Toczek ( poet and author), Valerie Bloom ( poet and author), Brian Moses ( poet and author) , Chris White ( KSS1 and 2 poet and illustrator), Simon Murray ( KS1 author and illustrator)., Marcus Sedgwick ( KS2 author), Allie Sparkes ( author) and Dreadlock Alien.

Trevor says -
  • The reason we are in so much demand is very simple:
  • the cost of inviting these authors and poets is affordable because we share the cost between many schools - we usually visit about 10 schools on an overseas tour
  • the majority of the planning is done by myself - flights, accommodation, shipping of books etc etc ( working closely with the school's librarian or Head of English)
  • the quality of the people I work with is first class - very experienced and very talented at what they do the ability to offer a diverse range of expertise - author, poet or illustrator
  • the ability to offer visits that work across all age ranges from infants to secondary ability to offer professional in service training for staff - writing workshops or poetry workshops
  • several of the people I work with also offer 'Family Shows' for after school performances.
from Barb

Past visits

David Schwartz was at SAS, March 9, 2009

Shoo Rayner- visited Tanglin Trust School from 2-6 February 2009. Please contact Barbara Philip if you would like feedback on this visit.

Karen Wallace
- visited Tanglin Trust School from9-13 February 2009. Please contact Barbara Philip if you would like feedback on this visit

Kate Forsyth- visited Tanglin Trust School from 16-20 February 2009. Visit You Tube to view a book trailer. Please contact Barbara Philip if you would like feedback on this visit

Nick Toczek - visited Tanglin on 31 March 2009.
Please contact Barbara Philip if you would like feedback on this visit
About Nick Toczek.doc ....Nick will be in KL and Singapore during the month of March 2009 - probably in Singapore from March 7th to 21st (approx). The cost of a full day's visit would be £550 or £350 for a half day. Nick, as you will see from his biog, is an incredibly talented guy and can offer whole school presentations to infants, junior and secondary children as well as writing workshops to any age group. He is also happy to do in service workshops for staff. Nick is a poet, author, magician, puppeteer, journalist and many more things.
Contact Trevor Wilson if you would like to arrange a visit to your school

Frederick Lipp

was at UWCSEA and Canadian Int'l School in January 2009.
Author ofcaged_birds_cover.gif running_shoes_cover.jpg bread_song_cover.jpgtea_leaves_cover.jpg

The Caged Birds of Phnom Penh was named a Notable Book for the Global

2009 STORYTELLERS WORLD AWARD for Running Shoesby Society by the International Reading Association
You may or may not be familiar with American children’s author, Frederick Lipp. Frederick Lipp is an American author of multicultural children’s books. He is a retired Unitarian Minister and has written 7 children’s books about children in other countries (Cambodia, Sri Lanka). Lipp is also the founder and president of the ****Cambodian Arts and Scholarship Foundation****. This non-profit organization helps to educate children in Cambodia, focusing on at-risk girls living in poverty.

Fred’s website link:
<< 1) In general my charge is between $500 to $1000 (USD of course) a day. This includes as many classes the school desires. Home stays often save money. Meals and transportation. Perhaps Frequent Flier Miles might be donated. I'm free for as many days and miles that you wish you wish.
2) I love to also do writing workshops with groups of students and teachers. I'm very willing to compromise with costs to make this happen.>>

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY: Fred is due to be working in Cambodia during January/February and will be available for school visits here in Singapore if people are willing to pay for return airfare from Phnom Penh to Singapore. He writes:
  • <<As you are aware back in 2001, I founded a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) in the US that is also a local NGO in Phnom Penh. We pay no salaries in the US and my efforts along with Kitty's and the board are as volunteers. We have a Director in Phnom Penh and an office in our university flat for 30 poor, at-risk young women. We as well serve 120 students in villages attending local schools under the oversight of an educational coordinator. This is why Kitty and I will be in Cambodia working with staff and students from January 5 to February 4. It is quite possible we could rearrange our schedule for a few days in Singapore and meet with librarians on January 19. In addition, we would enjoy presenting programs in schools of your choice. The reduced fee would be US$700 a day, plus lodging, meals and return flight for two from Phnom Penh. Obviously there are considerable savings when we are already near by. (This vocation is independent from the non-profit.)>>
Contact Stacey at CIS for more information...

Narelle Oliver: was at Tanglin Trust June 2008 -- A full week with her is planned for Tanglin Trust School. Her booked dates are 23 - 27th June 2008. Her costs are very similar to Matt's - S$1000 per day approx. We are inviting her to share her printing techniques with Reception children, Year 4 and Senior Art students. More info is available on her at the same site as Matt -

Jeremy Strong: January/February 2008 at Tanglin Trust
UK author, target audience 7 - 11 yr olds
Books - to name a few - The Hundred mile an hour dog; My Dad's Got An Alligator ; Viking at School; There's a Viking in my bed; Pirate pandemonium
Audience - he is best suited to children aged 7 - 11
Dates booked - in Singapore 30 - 31 Jan and 1st Feb (booked for Tanglin for 2 of those days, available for one - negotiable)
Format - 3 x 1hr sessions per day, with book signing. He is happy to talk to larger groups and has a PowerPoint slideshow he uses in his talk. He gives a general talk which, according to age group, covers the following: -planning, writing, re-writing, a reading, and Q and A. From Jeremy himself - "I am happy talking to any size group, and have spoken to 500 plus on several occasions. If you don't already have this in mind you may like to consider putting several classes together for a session - it saves you money and saves me repeating myself! In the UK schools often give me groups of Y3/4 children, and Y5/6 together."
For more info - go to his website - - lots of fun things for kids there! Costs - sharing airfares and accommodation for one night - approx S$585; a day's fees is approx S$1140.Total for 1 day - S$1725

Matt Dray: February 2008 at Tanglin Trust - Australian author, young children.
Books - "Dougal the rubbish dump bear"; and "Dougal and Bumble and the long trip home"
Audience - suited for Infant year levels - very good "performance" right down to pre-school age (3 - 4 yr olds)
Dates booked - 25 - 27th February (Tanglin); 28th Feb (Eaton's House); 29th Feb AVAILABLE
Format - Matt will do 4 x 45min sessions in the day, with some book signing. He can accommodate groups of a double class size per session and talks about his books, where his ideas come from, how the books have come together, future ideas for Dougal and Bumble adventures including his next book, his photography and inspire the children to have a go – at reading, expressing their ideas and enjoying stories. Dougal and Bumble would of course travel to Singapore too. In fact, Dougal has already been to Italy to the Bologna children’s book fair this year so he is quite well travelled!
For more info - The Show'n'Tell (Matt's agent's) website address is –
Costs - sharing airfares - one fifth is approx S$375; a night's accommodation at The Elizabeth is approx S$210; a day's fees is approx S$1000. Total for 1 day - S$1585

3 February, 2008: Simon Higgins has been Author-in-Residence for the last week at our school. He has worked across all the junior year levels and in depth with Year 6 and senior students that have difficulty with literacy. For photographs and powerpoint notes taken at Simon's sessions visit my Professional Development Wiki. The sessions were incredibly well received by both Staff and Students. For more information please feel free to contact me. Barb

Jan 17, 2008:

  • Morris Gleitzman was in Singapore for school visits Tues March 4th - Fri 7th. Charge is $2250 for 3 x 60min sessions of up to 200 students per session. Please contact Booked Out

26 January, 2008: Andreas Litras visited Tanglin Trust School. For photographs and comments visit my Professional Development Wiki. In three days Andreas performed in front of 1125 people ranging form 6 years to adult. He was absolutely fantastic.This show is a must for anyone studying myths and legends, Ancient Greece or journeys. For more information please feel free to contact me. Barb

ANDREAS LITRAS is a performance artist who has toured Australia, UK, USA & Canada with his show. It is a spectaular show. He has two versions, one suitable for pre-schoolers & primary, another for secondary and adults. he also conducts drama workshops. My plan is to have him in the school for 3 days and have shows for Years 3, 6, 8, 10 & 12 as well as two performances (1 of each show) after school for the wider school community. He is expensive because he has to bring sets with him. He is willing to compromise on accomodation by homestaying during his visit, but, it still works out at approximately $2000 per day. If I get him I would hope to be able to make $500+ on ticket sales to the open performances. This will bring the cost per student down to under $8 per head...BARGAIN! Andreas is available to visit other schools on the 17 & 18th January and will (hopefully) be at Tanglin on 21,22 and 23 January. I have uploaded the flyers about his shows.
b-andreas MONOLOGUEs1.pdf
b-myths and monsters.pdf

James Roy was at UWCSEA March 2008
James Roy, Australian children's author, is coming to UWCSEA the week of March 10th. Both Tanglin and AISS had him visit last year and they thoroughly recommend him. Info taken from Lateral Learning website:
James completed his first novel for young adults, Almost Wednesday, in 1996. Full Moon Racing, released in 1998, was named a CBC Notable Book and was shortlisted for the 1999 Royal Blind Society Talking Books Award. This was followed by Captain Mack, a compelling and sympathetic look at the relationship between a young boy, who is learning to cope with school bullying, and an elderly POW veteran who feels imprisoned in a nursing home. Captain Mack was named an Honour Book in the 2000 CBCA Book of the Year Awards for Younger Readers, and its prequel, Billy Mack's War, was also named a CBCA Honour Book, in 2005.

Jan Latta was at UWCSEA March 2008.
Jan Latta, wildlife photographer and author of non-fiction books which educate children about endangered animals, is coming to UWCSEA the week of March 10th. There are eight books in her True to Life series and she just published a book for children aged 7-13 years called "Diary of a Wildlife Photographer". She's presented at the Hong Kong and Shanghai literary festivals. At schools she does a PowerPoint presentation of 100 photographs taken in the wild and talks about endangered animals and her adventures. For older students she talks about writing books and photography. Her fee is A$3 per student, but doesn't charge in schools where 200 to 500 of her books have been pre-ordered. She appreciates that book orders take up teachers' time, so she always gives school a choice. (Note: I have already asked Bookaburra to look into providing her books for pre-ordering.) Contact Katie Day if interested.

20 September, 2007: Morris Gleitzman visited Years 5, 6 & 7 at Tanglin Trust School. This was a very easy visit because the students were quite familiar with Morris' work. Morris was interesting and entertaining. For more information please feel free to contact me. Barb