Minutes of the Meetings of the International Schools Libraries Network (Singapore) (ISLN)

ISLN AGM & General Meeting: April 2013

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ISLN General Meeting: February 2013

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ISLN General Meeting: December 2012

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ISLN General Meeting: September 2012

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ISLN AGM & General Meeting: April 23, 2012

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ISLN General Meeting: Feb. 7, 2012

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ISLN General Meeting: Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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ISLN General Meeting: Thursday, September 15, 2011

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ISLN AGM and General Meeting: Thursday, May 5, 2011

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ISLN AGM President's Report

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ISLN General Meeting: Thursday, Feb. 10, 2011
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ISLN General Meeting: Thursday, Dec. 2, 2010

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ISLN General Meeting: Thursday, Sep. 2, 2010

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ISLN General Meeting: Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Full minutes the ISLN General Meeting held on Tuesday, May 4, 2010, at OFS Elementary School, are available online here .
Key Points:
  • New membership year started April 1, 2010
  • Hands on Literacy conference update: Dr. Carol Kuhlthau & Dr. Ross Todd confirmed as speakers; The Call for Papers is now live. Go to www.handsonlit.com for more info.
  • PD Sharing: Jacqui Makselon from Tanglin did a presentation on a collaborative project: Year 9 Reading Trails ning

AGM and ISLN General Meeting: Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Full minutes of the AGM and ISLN General Meeting held on Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 at AIS were emailed to the ISLN (Google Group) listserv on Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 and were uploaded to the ISLN Google Group on the same date.
Key Points:
  • A New ISLN Executive was voted in and amendments to the constitution were discussed and/or passed
  • Voting for the Red Dot Awards is open and can be accessed via the website (www.reddotawards.com)
  • The HOL conference planning is moving forward and updates were provided on the current status of various plans
  • New membership subscriptions for the ISLN are due in April and the Executive will provided updated information on the status of this discussion

ISLN General Meeting: Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Full minutes of the ISLN General Meeting held on Wednesday, January 27th, 2010, at UWC- Dover were emailed to the ISLN (Google Group) listserv on January 31st, 2010 and fully minutes were uploaded to the ISLN Google Group on February 15th, 2010.
Key Points:
  • The ISLN's official logo is now in use
  • The Red Dot Awards is in full swing and www.reddotawards.com is live
  • The Readers' Cup will be on May 11th
  • The planning committee for Hands on Literacy has been busy setting the conference details into motion for November's conference
  • The Annual General Meeting will be on Wednesday, March 10th at the Australian International School (more details to come)
  • Thank you to Sarah Brennan and Fred and Kitty Lipp for being part of the ISLN meeting and social gathering

ISLN General Meeting: Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Full minutes of the ISLN General Meeting held Wednesday, November 4th, 2009, at Tanglin Trust were emailed to the ISLN (Google Group) listserv on November 8th, 2009 and the full minutes were uploaded to the ISLN Google Group home site on November 24th, 2009.
Key points:
  • Ben Morley shared his new book, The Silence Seeker
  • Thank you to Jacqui for giving the network a tour of the library where HOL 2010 will be hosted
  • Members shared information about possible author visits
  • Information on the Red Dot Awards was shared
The next General Meeting date will be announced soon.

ISLN General Meeting: Wednesday, September 9th , 2009

Full minutes of the ISLN General Meeting held Wednesday, September 9, 2009, at the UWCSEA Dover campus were emailed to the ISLN (Google Group) listserv on Monday, Sep. 21 and a PDF was uploaded to the ISLN Google Group home site.
Key points/dates:
  • The next meeting will be on Wednesday, November 4, 2009, at Tanglin -- in the brand-new secondary library which Jacqui Makselon has been working on and which just opened.
  • TeachIT -- the one-day conference run by the ICT teacher network here in Singapore -- will be on Saturday, November 21st.
  • The next meeting of "Children's Choice Book Award/Readers Cup" subcommittee will be at the end of September. Contact Katie Day if you are interested in joining the team.
  • The next meeting of the "Hands on Literacy" subcommittee will be held October 5th. Contact Lorena Ferreira if you are interested in joining the team.


ISLN General Meeting: Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

German European School on Jurong Kechil: Primary School Library (4pm for a 4:30pm start)
Welcome from Ruth and Ranita of GESS


  • Ben
  • Linda and Norelle
  • Kelly at Chatsworth
  • Judy from the NLB as her colleague could not be at this meeting to share NLB e-Resources. This has been rescheduled and confirmed for the next meeting on September 9th.

Minutes from the last meeting:

  • the minutes are on the website
  • attending members reviewed the minutes and agreed that they were accurate

President’s Report:

  • Membership form on the website- Barb spoke of the benefits (eg. Workshops, group registration to reduce bank fees for workshops)
  • Katie and Barb went to Hong Kong last week and attended the ALESS meeting (librarian network in HK)- mainly for IB people, talked about doing 15 min. learning sessions at each of their network meetings to share ideas, websites, activities and more. This was proposed as a possible idea for our network meetings
  • Constitution- question from ROSES (Registry of Societies) regarding our constitution wording, we may need a meeting to change this which may require a future Extraordinary General Meeting to amend the constitution
  • ISLN Exec. decided to set meeting dates well in advance- Katie created a calendar that is on the website. See the steps below to help Katie create a merged calendar for our network
  1. Create a google calendar and share it with email librarynetwork@gmail.com so that Katie can link it to our calendar on the site
  2. Please include holidays, school start and end dates, library related events, visiting authors.
  3. Let Katie know if you need help.
  4. The upkeep of the calendar will be ongoing, but please do the basics (start/end dates, holidays) before the end of this year
  • Social events: idea of termly and timely dinners and gatherings when authors visit
  • Proposed that outside people/agencies to pay to advertise on our site (eg. Follett) to build income for the network
  • The Exec. aims to have a lucky door prize at each network meeting
  • Teacher-Librarian award: Should there be one? There are 528 days, 75 weeks until HOL 2010- the award could be given during HOL for a person or a program
  • Lisa and Membership: membership forms available today, you will personally get a membership to Page One (10% on books, 5% on stationary, etc.)
  • Supplier page on the website- please update whenever you can
  • Barb thanked the members of the Executive, especially Lisa doing the bank account organization
  • Goodbyes: Desley is going to Australia, Antonella from AISS is leaving
  • Welcome: Chris Pulling is taking over at Eton House; Kim Kline at the Stamford American International School will be joining us, Joeren to work with Jan/Jocelyn as Library/IT

Lisa- Treasurer’s Report:

  • We currently have $6963.53 in the account- mainly funds from HOL 2008
  • Money was spent on Nick, registration of ISLN, wine for IBO/ISLN meeting in March
  • Membership
On the website, the membership form is posted under “How to Join”, fill in, save and attach in an email to Lisa
  1. 4 choices of membership explained on the form
  2. hard copies available from Lisa
  3. transferring money- several different kinds- a MEPS transfer means that the ISLN does not incur any extra cost, if you do a wire transfer we incur extra cost
  4. email Lisa with any questions

General Business:

  • Katie and the website- trying to improve it, Katie did a quick tour of the site

  1. send Katie info on visiting authors
  2. suppliers’ page needs to be updated- please use the ISSLN email so that everyone sees your info and Katie can update info on SILCSING
  • Teach IT: Ben Morgan is the IT Director at Dover where the workshop will be held this year

  1. possibility of a Destiny or an Oliver workshop is of interest for members and Yvonne could pass on this suggestion (a hands-on workshop with Russell)
  2. other workshop ideas?
  3. Support by offering workshops and attending the conference
  4. we are running HOL in alternative years to TeachIT and hope to have their support too
  • Hands On Literacy Conference 2010 - need to set up a committee

  1. Katie has already spoken with Kelly and she agreed to be on the committee
  2. Lorena, Barb, Ruth, Yvonne, Soraya, Katie, Stacey, Lisa
  3. Lorena will convene the first meeting of those interested people to start a timeline
  • IBO made a request that the librarians engage in some type of PYP related PD therefore we will have an IBO PYP Job-Alike at CIS-date TBA (will be early September)

  • Bangkok PD on August 22nd – the network will do a one time payment for any interested ISLN members (Barb moved and Megan seconds)

  1. you will need to be a member first and you will need to pay fee first
  2. email Katie to confirm that you want the ISLN to include your workshop fee in the payment
  3. send chq. or transfer money into the bank account
  4. pay ISLN by June 3rd, $165 will cover the workshop fee and bank fees
  5. Katie will coordinate with BLISS (Bangkok Librarians International Schools) and hopefully arrange to view a number of other libraries over the weekend, but this has not been arranged yet
  • Hong Kong visit:

Katie and Barb saw 8 schools and 12 libraries- saw Battle of the Books (history in North Carolina and strong in HK), Readers Cup is Australian and is similar- kids read books and then are quizzed, 12 rounds of 10 questions, pronunciation guide provided by the committee, no audience by the teams, very strict and formal. Photos from the libraries they visited will be up on the website soon. Members agreed that their format was not we would want.
  1. propose Children’s Choice awards based on lists that we give and include a finale with a less formal quiz
  2. need a committee to organize teams and book lists
  3. Kate from OFS talked about the recent experience at her school and it was a success and on a very minimal budget
  4. Danielle organized one for all French schools in Asia- students vote on top book and was successful
  5. NBCS interested in setting up a Southeast Asian book award and include Australia
  6. obtain prizes from publishers, local book suppliers and idea that teams could designate a charity for their prizes
  7. Kids Lit Quiz out of NZ- like a ‘pub quiz’ style
  8. Lorena ran a Book Week that looked at how books were linked and connected
  9. needs to be cross-cultural, multilingual, local flavour, less about competition and more about awarding books and focusing on children’s choice
  10. Committee to look at how to set this up: Danielle, Kate, Judy, Jackie M., Katie (convening), Sarah
  11. website for students for students to post recommendations? Carnegie has a great website for UK short lists and encouraging students to read/vote, promotes peer reviews/recommendations and top reads in the school
  12. Katie will put on listserv that people send the books that they’d like to see on the list, based on parameters
  13. The committee was asked to report back at the next meeting if possible
  • Visiting Author Updates:

  1. Katie and Lorena have someone for next March- Margriet Ruurs (Dutch in Canada)
  2. Members agreed that they’d like a list of local authors so that we can spend less on visiting authors with comments about suitability
  3. Desley shared info on Emily Lim- needs small groups and a mic, is good with younger ones, will share picture book making process and all of the parts
  • Second Life:

  1. Katie and Barb spent time doing this in HK- it was interesting….but are not very advanced yet
  2. This involves “speaking” to others and moving around to connect with people within the virtual world
  • Teacher-Librarian award:

  1. Linda Twitchett is going to be on this committee and convene
  • Ruth shared info on Dominique Fonde- artist, short stories, local

Any Other Business:

  • Location of PYP books in libraries: Jan proposed this query to the group as she currently has a separate section of books for each unit- general consensus that most people have them in general collections
  • Collection development policies: Jan wondered if other people have one? Katie can put some pages on the website- pages will be private and only viewed by people who are members of the ISLN
  • NBCS- having a book lunch next Monday (Jocelyn)
  • Next meeting Wed Sept 9th -- venue to be announced.
Lucky Door Prize: winners of Shamini Flint books are Jocelyn and Yvonne

ISLN Executive Committee Meeting Minutes -- May 8, 2009 -- Tanglin Trust School

Date: May 8, 2009
Location: Tanglin Trust School (Infant Library)
Present: All Executive Members (Barb, Ben, Lisa, Katie, Stacey)

1. The Executive has set up a bank account with DBS to enable the ISLN to receive and pay out money as needed. Budgets and allocation of funds was discussed.
2. Membership forms are being created and will be available through the wiki and on hard copy at the next ISLN General Meeting. The membership process will be explained at this meeting.
3. Our Executive Liaison Officer, Katie Day, is connecting with a number of individuals and organizations to gather information and for the purpose of organizing future events and PD opportunities for network members. One particular need is for the network to engage in PYP Job-Alike sessions. More information will be forthcoming regarding the Job-Alike. Any network members who have ideas/connections for future PD are welcome to share this with the Executive Committee.
4. The Executive has discussed possible avenues for creating professional publications and a webpage.
5. Hands-On Literacy 2010 was discussed. This will be further explored at the next network meeting and a sub-committee of the ISLN will be organized to begin preparations.
6. The Executive Committee is mapping out a calendar of future events and network meetings to share with members- this will be available soon.

For futher details, please contact any of the Executive Members.

ISS-LN Meeting -- March 17, 2009 -- Tanglin Trust School

Present: ISS-LN members and participants from the librarianscontinuum/home|IB-AP (International Baccalaureate - Asia Pacific) Continuum (PYP / MYP / DP) Workshop for Librarians, which was held from March16-18 here in Singapore.

The business meeting was very short, as we had the guests from the IBO.

An update on our finances and the process of incorporation was given by Barb Philip. The Executive Committee consists of: Barb Philip - President, Ben Farr - Vice President, Lisa Patton - Treasurer, Stacey Socholotuk - Secretary, and Katie Day - Liaison Officer.

Affiliations and networking with other organizations was discussed.
  • Linda Twitchett (AISS) talked about SLAV (the School Library Association of Victoria, Australia) and some of the materials available from them.
  • Anthony Tilke, visiting from Patana in Bangkok, talked about the IB-AP Library Information Specialists (LIS) committee and new volunteers were added to the group.
  • Katie Day mentioned the possibility of a trip to Hong Kong in late May to observe the final round of Battle of the Books, an annual literature competition organized by the Hong Kong librarian network, ALESS, and to participate in some Web 2.0 / Second Life professional development by Dianne MacKenzie, the teacher-librarian at Discovery College in Hong Kong. Anyone interested was asked to contact Katie.
  • Our valuable relationship with the National Library of Singapore was confirmed and everyone expressed interest in having Judy Kong (or another NLB librarian) come to a future meeting to demonstrate the eResources available to us.

Networks and professional development for support staff were also discussed, including the possibility of organizing an online Capra-Ryan course for them.

We particularly welcomed Yvonne Barrett, who used to work at the Australian International School, back to our group. She's currently in Portugal, but will be moving to Osaka International School in Japan in August.

The meeting was followed by organized tours of the four Tanglin libraries (Infant, Junior, 6th Form, and Professional Development Centre).

ISS-LN Meeting - 19 January 2009 – Canadian International School

Present: Ben Farr (TTS), Jackie Stevens (Tanglin), Barb Philip (Tanglin), Jacqui Makselon (Tanglin), Katie Day (UWC), Lisa Patton (CIS), Megan Graff (CIS), Stacey Socholotuk (CIS), Sarah Torrible (CIS), Ranita Smart (GESS), Ruth Soeding (GESS), Jan Cox (OFS), Jocelyn Holden (OFS), Kate Stanley (OFS), Yvonne Krishnan (UWC-Dover), Lorena Ferreira (UWC-Dover), Desley Pendergast (Eton House), Judy Kong (NLB),Tim Ramsey (Follett)

1. Frederick Lipp , visiting author (The Caged Birds of Phnom Penh and Running Shoes, among others)

1.1. Stacey introduced Frederick Lipp and his wife Kitty, who had visited UWC and would be visiting CIS and GESS later in the week. They spoke of their time in Cambodia, their foundation work and how this has influenced their writing.
1.2. To access their website - http://www.cambodianscholarship.org/

2. Catherine Cousins of Open Book Publishing in Cambodia which features translations of Frederick Lipp’s books

2.1. Brought samples of the translated books and shared a bit of her experience with the Lipps and their work in Cambodia.
2.2. Catherine also introduced the Open Book Reading Room (No. 41 Eo St 240 in Phnom Penh), which is a free children’s library. She invited the ISS-LN members to visit at any time.

3. Tim Ramsey – Follett Library Resources

3.1. Introduced the TalkingPen from a UK company called Mantra Lingua
3.2. The Talking Pen is a reading support that is similar to an audio book, but there is a code for each book that is read by a chip in the pen that “reads” the book aloud.
3.3. Tim had a sample pen and some books for the group to look at

4. NLB – Judy Kong - borrowing books for DEAR @ Community

4.1. Judy discussed the logistics again for ordering from the local branches of the NLB for DEAR
4.1.1. The NLB will lend school up to 2000 books for 9 weeks -- for free.
4.1.2. Feedback on this program is excellent! Excellent quality books – well tied to topics, themes and UOIs
4.2. For more information, contact Judy at Judy_Kong@nlb.gov.sg

5. Incorporation of Library Network

5.1. Barbara shared her latest with regards to the Incoporation of the Network
5.2. General call for volunteers who wish to write/edit the constitution and perhaps be the office holders for the first year of incorporation.
5.3. Goal is to have the constitution roughed out by the next ISS-LN meeting

6. Visiting author events

6.1. Karen Wallace will be visiting Tanglin Trust in February
6.2. Sam Llewellyn will be visiting OFS and CIS in February
6.3. Kate Forsyth will be visiting Tanglin Trust

Network Meeting -- Thursday, Nov. 27, 2008 -- 4:30 - 5:30 PM

Overseas Family School

Present: Ranita Smart (GESS), Ruth Soeding (GESS), Barb Philip (TTS), Ben Farr (AISS), Jan Cox (OFS), Kate Stanley (OFS), Jocelyn Holden (OFS), Lorena Ferreira (UWC), Katie Day (UWC), Lisa Patton (CIS), Megan Graff (CIS), Stacey Socholotuk (CIS), Desley Pendergast (Eton House), Judy Kong (NLB).

Email address list: How to best maintain? E.g., Ruth said she hadn't received the last-minute update re the location change. [Since the meeting, I decided to take the plunge and set us up as a Google Group which means all our email addresses are stored in one location and all we have to do is send an email to: issln@googlegroups.com -- and everyone will receive it.]

Hands on Literacy Conference de-brief: The official de-brief by the committee members hasn't happened yet. (As Pam Duncan is leaving in December to return to Australia, we plan to do this in the next two weeks.) Based on verbal/written feedback, it seems to have been a success and so the assumption is that we will repeat it in two years' time. One issue that remains unknown is how much money is left over. Could be as much as S$3k. This made Barb raise the issue of possibly incorporating, in order to be able to open a bank account as a non-profit organization.

Incorporation?: This would probably involve setting up a constitution, voting, officers, official membership, etc. No one at the meeting had any knowledge of how easy this all is in Singapore. Barb is going to do more investigation -- and we'll wait to see how much of a surplus is left.

Special guest: Judy Kong from the National Library Board of Singapore (NLB): Judy is the associate librarian at Bukit Merah who attended our conference (and provided the NLB goodies for our conference bags). She handed out information to each of us as to how we can sign up for D.E.A.R.@COMMUNITY (Drop Everything and Read), an initiative whereby the NLB will lend school up to 2000 books for 9 weeks -- for free. The German European School is already utilizing this service. Note, the NLB has other services on offer, e.g., book talks, book skill lessons, library tours, etc. For more information, contact Judy at Judy_Kong@nlb.gov.sg .

The Book Council: Another organization here in Singapore which has a lot to offer us is the Book Council. The executive director, Mr. R. Ramachandran, met with Marj Kirkland, our conference key note speaker, while she was here in Singapore and he is very interested in having more contacts and connections with international school librarians. He also mentioned the possibility of setting up some kind of Southeast Asian children's book awards. We encouraged him to look at our membership online and to send us their newsletter on a regular basis (so you should have received something from them recently). If you don't want to stay on their mailing list, please contact them directly.

Other local organizations of interest to us as librarians: The Library Association of Singapore (LAS) is another organization you might consider joining. Barb said she recently went on a tour of the Singapore Press Holdings information resource center (organized by the LAS) and said it was fascinating.

Suppliers list: The spreadsheet that Tim Ramsey set up over a year ago is now out of date, so Barb offered to put up her own list of suppliers on this wiki (see Suppliers) as a fresh starting point. Feel free to edit the page and add your own recommendations.

Book display holders from Daiso?? -- Barb brought two objects she purchased at Daiso for $2. One was a "sauce bottle holder" and the other a "chopping board holder" -- but both function beautifully as book display holders! Barb also said Daiso sells miniature wooden easels (like the ones IKEA used to sell, but has been out of for months), which are also useful for displays.

Book fairs at our schools: We had a discussion of how we each handle book fairs at our schools and what vendors we've used. Perhaps this information could also be posted on a wiki page.

IBO Librarians Continuum Workshop: A pilot Librarian Continuum (meaning covering all three programmes: PYP, MYP, & DP) Workshop is being offered next March 16-19 here in Singapore. Registration is now open (until January 16, 2009). Go to: http://ibo.org/events/libsing01/ for more information. Yvonne Barrett, who used to work at AISS, will be one of the workshop leaders.

Helen Reynolds, the Australian Teacher-Librarian of the Year 2007, who spoke at AISS last year is due to be back in town next March and we hope to be able to organize an event either for ourselves or for teachers and parents in order to hear her speak.

Visiting authors: Barb has updated the Visiting Authors page on this wiki to reflect who she has coming to TTS in the coming months. Stacey spoke of efforts to get Frederick Lipp to come to CIS and UWC in the coming year. He is the author of The Caged Birds of Phnom Penh and other picture books and is the founder and president of the Cambodian Arts and Scholarship Foundation. More information will be forthcoming.

Next meeting: Lisa Patton from CIS offered to have us come to her library on Bukit Tinggi. Date: Monday, January 19th.

Network Meeting -- Thursday, Sep. 11, 2008 -- 4:30-5:30 PM

United World College -- East Campus

Present: Pam Duncan (AISS), Ben Farr (AISS), Narelle Demery (AISS), Alison Hughes (AISS), Jackie Stevens (Tanglin), Barb Philip (Tanglin), Jacqui Makselon (Tanglin), Barb Philip (Tanglin), Katie Day (UWC), Lisa Patton (CIS), Megan Graff (CIS), Stacey Socholotuk (CIS), Soraya Capitani (Emarr Int'l), Ranita Smart (GESS), Ruth Soeding (GESS), Sarah Eccleston (ISS), Jan Cox (OFS), Jocelyn Holden (OFS), Kate Stanley (OFS), Siti Nurhidayah Bte Ali (SJII), Yvonne Krishnan (UWC-Dover), Lorena Ferreira (UWC-Dover), Tim Ramsey (Follett)

Reader's Cup:

-- Barbara asked everyone who was interested in fielding a team to please contact her with suggested titles for the SINGAPORE READER'S CUP asap.
-- At least 2 titles for each of the age groups would give us a good range to choose from. Recent titles would be appreciated, to introduce fresh material that students may not have read.
  • Junior - Born 2000, 2001, 2002 (Year 3 & 4 / Grade 2 & 3)
  • Middle - Born 1999, 1998, 1997 (Year 5 & 6 / Grade 4 & 5)
  • Senior - Born 1996, 1995, 1994 (Year 7 & 8 / Grade 6 & 7)
For more info visit: http://silcsing.wikispaces. com/READER%27S+CUP

Visiting Authors:

-- Besides the information on the Visiting Authors wikipage, it was reported that AISS is looking into getting Andreas Littras back (information on his program is still available on the Visiting Authors wikipage from his visit earlier in the year) for late November. Anyone interested in seeing Andreas should contact Pam Duncan at AISS as soon as possible -- as they are on the verge of committing to dates.
-- Sam Llewellyn, the husband of Karen Wallace, is interested in lining up visits if his wife comes out.
-- Shamini Flint, a local author, is willing to come speak to schools for free, as long as order forms for her books can be distributed ahead of time. Shamini recently published an upper primary school novel called The Seeds of Time, which is an ecological thriller. She has done presentations at several of our schools in the past and has always been very well received.
-- Alan Gibbons may be coming to Tanglin next June.

Nov 15th Hands On Literacy Conference:

-- Letters are to go out to heads of Professional Development at all the international schools -- e-mail, followed up by hardcopy. Everyone present wrote down who copies should be sent to. Pam Duncan is taking responsibility for getting those out. Sample letters were passed around:

-- Schools are being asked to reserve 10 places at S$80 each, with the early registration price offer ending on October 1st. The regular price of the conference is $100 per person.
-- The deadline for workshop/paper submissions is Sep. 30th. There is an online submission form (see link on the Conference wiki page). This is the high priority now -- along with getting school administrators to pre-register for 10 places.
-- Sarah Eccleson from ISS is handling the money through her school's finance dept.
-- Information on the programme and online registration will be forthcoming.
-- Tim Ramsey gave verbal confirmation that Follett will sponsor some part of the day.
-- Stacey reported that Roger Jenkins, a local storyteller, has volunteered to be our end-of-day performer (at no cost).
-- Pam brought large posters for everyone to take back to their schools. (It's the same poster available for downloading on the Conference wikipage.)

IBO Teacher-Librarian Workshop:

-- The IBO-AP office is planning to offer a beta Librarian Continuum (PYP/MYP/DP) Workshop in Singapore on March 16, 17, and 18, 2009 (which is the three days before the IBO Teacher Convention on assessment). About 40 librarians will attend, and workshop leaders are being brought in from the US and Europe. The intention is to develop two levels of this workshop (Intro and Advanced) which will be run around the world on a regular basis. The first official one (after the beta) is planned for Nov/Dec 2009 in Brisbane, Australia. Mario Gauci and Guy Roberts, both employed in the IBO-AP office here in Singapore, are leading this project.
-- Out of this discussion came talk of a scope and sequence for library/information skills within the PYP/MYP/DP continuum. A subgroup of interested people will get together and work on this.

NLB -- D.E.A.R.:

-- Ruth Soeding from GESS told us she is about to try out one of the NLB services offered to local schools: D.E.A.R., where you give them topics your students are studying and they lend you up to 1,000 books for 90 days on those topics. Katie Day reported that she had received a letter in the spring describing the same service, but it was a "leasing program" and the price was not mentioned. Ruth will report back on her experience.

Next meeting:

-- Sarah Eccleston volunteered to host our next meeting at ISS on Thursday, November 20th.
-- Lisa Patton (CIS) volunteered to host the first meeting after the new year break.

Hands-On Literacy Planning Committee meeting -- Thursday, Aug. 28, 2008 -- at AISS

Present: Tanglin (Barb), AISS (Pam, Kim, Angela Gravina), CIS (Lisa, Stacey), Eton House (Desley), OFS (Kate), ISS (Sarah)
Absent: AISS (Ben), Chatsworth East (Brooke), UWC (Lorena), OFS (Jan), CIS (Megan)

Six subcommittees set up:
PROGRAMME: Barb (Tanglin), Lisa & Megan (CIS), Angela Gravina (AISS)
VENUE/CATERING/SOCIAL: Pam (AISS) plus other AISS people
REGISTRATION: Scott (AISS -- for online registration as he did it for TeachIT), then on-the-day management of the Registration Table: Angela Gravina (AISS), Desley (Eton House), Stacey (CIS), Kate (OFS)

30 Sep 08 -- Deadline for submission of workshop/paper proposals
15 Oct 08 -- Programme will be published so people can start registering -- and selecting what they want to attend
02 Nov 08 -- Registration closes
15 Nov 08 -- CONFERENCE

So many schools have holidays during October that it will be very tight in getting the programme out and getting people to sign up. Which means it's important for us to publicize the conference in general as soon as possible -- so people will be ready to make workshop selections as soon as they are available.

Finance: The goal is to keep the conference cost at S$80 per person. Pam is going to check on the figures for catering, air con, and whatever other costs AISS will need covered. An early bird registration letter will be sent out to heads of professional development at the schools. For the schools that are willing, we would like to ask for at least 10 registrations up front. This will provide our working capital. (Of course, the Early Bird registrations will be a bit cheaper...) Pam said the new school -- One World International School (http://www. oneworldinternational.org/) -- has already asked for 5 places to be reserved!

Trade Fair / Sponsors? We discussed the possibility of a trade fair -- in the downstairs/entrance hall corridors, e.g., Follett, Softlink, the National Library Board, book distributors, etc. -- especially if some/one of them is interested in underwriting some liquid refreshments for the end of the day -- when we thought we might have a storyteller. (Stacey (CIS) said she belongs to the local storytelling organization and she knows a good person who might perform in exchange for attending the conference for free.) The Publicity subcommittee needs to follow up on this, e.g., how much wine/money are we talking about??

The Publicity subcommittee would also be the ones to brainstorm re what we might have in a bag, if we do one. Everyone agreed there is a usefulness to having a pad of paper, a pen, and a bag to put stuff in -- but only USEFUL stuff.

Kim (AISS) said she would edit the Call for Papers and the Poster -- to reflect the Sep 30th call for papers deadline. [She has done this -- and the updated versions are now available on the wiki page: http://silcsing.wikispaces. com/Hands+On ]

Re Call for Papers: Several people reported they already know of papers to be submitted from staff at their school. We are only looking for about 36 (3 sessions. Submissions can be either via email or old-fashioned paper. (I am currently playing with an online Google Docs form that I think will allow people to fill in an online form from a wiki... watch this space...)

Pam (AISS) said she would bring copies of the printed A3 poster and the A4 brochure to the Sept. 11th meeting -- to pass out to people. We need to help our members publicize this event -- and get the approval of their management.

By the way, this is the proposed structure of the day -- as recorded on the wiki page:

8:00 -- 9:00: Registration & coffee/tea
9:00 -- 9:30: Introductory brief keynote - Marj Kirkland
9:30 -- 10:00: Morning tea
10:10 -- 11:00: Session 1
11:10 -- 12:10: Session 2
12:10 -- 1:30: Lunch
1:30 -- 2:30: Session 3
2:45 -- 3:30: Drinks and a theatrical presentation (e.g., a storyteller)

Sub-group meeting with Mario Gauci of the IB-AP office re IBO professional development opportunities for teacher-librarians -- June 2, 2008

IBO & PD: Update on the June 2nd meeting with Mario Gauci of the IB-AP office re IBO professional development opportunities for librarians.

-- Reps from OFS, Tanglin, AISS, Chatsworth East, Eton House, and UWCSEA attended.
-- Mario came with the good news that the IB-AP office has pencilled in a continuum (PYP/MYP/DP) workshop and/or conference for autumn 2009 in Singapore which will be aimed at teacher-librarians and other interested people. Issues to focus on may include the role of the library in an IB school (i.e., according to the programme standards and practices); how the library can support the Learner Profile; best practice collaboration between librarians, teachers, and IT teachers; research models and skills; and the continuum of library skills and information literacy across the three programs.
-- Mario asked us to discuss the format and length of time that would suit us best -- one day, two days, or three days -- and conference vs. workshop style. The consensus of the group was that two days was best, e.g., a Friday/Saturday. The group also felt one day of conference presentations plus one day of in-depth workshop participation might be best.
-- Mario also confirmed that any official IBO event -- whether a workshop or a conference -- counts as valid professional development when schools fill in the appendix detailing the IBO-approved professional development of staff members.
-- See this Letter of Introduction re the IB-AP Professional Development Calendar for 2009 which mentions their intention to develop a continuum workshop on the Library/Resource Centre in IB Schools.

Sub-group meeting re the Hands On Literacy conference -- held May 29th at AISS

NB: these notes were emailed to the network on June 10th as part of a general communication:

-- Reps from AISS, UWC, Tanglin, OFS, Eton House, and Avondale Grammar attended.
-- Added "21st century" to the title, i.e., now "HANDS ON LITERACY: in the 21st century classroom and library".
-- Discussed whether to open call for papers and/or invite to all MOE schools. Decided to go to to the int'l schools, with broader invite in Aug/Sep. NB: 400 max attendees (size of auditorium for keynote).
-- Added another guest presenter to the list: Kirpal Singh, a professor at SMU who specializes in post-colonial Singapore literature and comes highly recommended.
-- Decided that no workshop will be offered more than twice.
-- Discussed whether to have a plenary session at the end (some are great, some fall flat...).
-- Decided the call for papers should be both on the website and via a downloadable PDF paper brochure (as some people still prefer paper applications....).
-- Will also develop a downloadable A3 poster as a PDF.
-- Need to produce a participation certificate.
-- Need to make sure the person in charge of professional development at each school is on board.
-- Discussed whether to invite local booksellers to have stalls in the corridor on the day.
-- Discussed the need to think about whether to allow vendor booths. Group was undecided.
-- Discussed "show bags" or "gift bags" or whatever you want to call them. The feeling was we should ditch the typical kind of bag on the basis of carbon footprint. Instead need to think of something small and useful, e.g., a thumbdrive?? Need to think about more.
-- Discussed desire to have either time or a workshop where booktalking/booksharing suggestions could happen, whether by age group or whatever.
-- Next meeting in early/mid August.

Network Meeting -- Thursday, April 23, 2008 -- 4:00 -- 5:30 PM

Australian International School of Singapore

Present: Pam Duncan (AISS), Ben Farr (AISS), Cindy (AISS), Alison Hughes (AISS), John Johnson (SAS), Jackie Stevens (Tanglin), Barb Philip (Tanglin), Liz Watt (Tanglin), Katie Day (UWC), Brooke Holland (Chatsworth East), Desley Pendergast (Eton House), Kim Vernon (Avondale Grammar)

We welcomed three new members -- Brooke Holland from Chatsworth East, Kim Vernon from Avondale Grammar (a new Australian (NSW curriculum) school that opened in January), and Ali Hughes, who is joining the AISS team on a half-time basis to help Ben Farr in the new primary library opening in July. Their details are up on the Membership page.

Local suppliers:
The question of recommended local suppliers came up and Katie volunteered to update this wiki with information from the spreadsheet Tim Ramsey put together over a year ago (available as a download from the Home page). If anyone has any local suppliers they recommend, please e-mail them to Katie.

Author/illustrator visits:
  • Barb wants to know if anyone else is interested in having Shoo Rayner in February 2009. She is booking him for February 2nd through 6th.
  • Barb is also booking Kate Forsyth for the week of Feb. 16th. Does anyone want to share her?
  • Barb started to look into getting Karen Wallace, but was still waiting for some positive feedback from other librarians via listservs.
  • Barb is planning to have Andreas Litras back January 15th through 19th. Anyone interested in having him to their school? Barb may also do what she did this year -- allow people to book tickets to see him at Tanglin (as he has major stage props and so it might be easier to keep him in one location).
  • Ben asked if anyone had heard of Mem Fox coming to town. He will check into the rumors.
  • Katie asked if anyone had ever seen Jeannie Bakeras a visiting author.
  • Liz mentioned she'd loved to get Nick Sharratt out from the UK.
  • Ben mentioned Oliver Jeffers.
  • Narelle Oliver will be at Tanglin in June and there will be a general invite dinner out with her sometime between June 23rd and 27th.
  • Pam is having Stephen Herrick at AISS June 16th and 17th.
  • Desley mentioned David Cox.
  • Katie mentioned Joyce Dunbar is coming to UWC in May via Bookaburra. Her book, Moonbird, about deafness (Dunbar herself is deaf) is being performed at the Alliance Francaise theatre between May 19th to June 7th. See I Theatre's webpage for details.
  • Tanglin and UWC reported Shamini Flint, a local author, was excellent with the younger kids during recent author visits. Note Shamini has recently published an ecological adventure story for older kids.

Job movements:
  • Liz Watt from Tanglin will be moving back to Australia in July.
  • Cindy Angell from AISS will be moving back to the US in July.
  • Pam Duncan from AISS will be moving back to Australia in December.
  • Though they weren't present to confirm it, we believe Judy McManus from ISS and Judy and Wayne Gingrich from CIS will also be moving on this year.

Katie reported back on the committee meeting held April 12th and attended by Barb Philip, Liz Watt, Pam Duncan, Elaine Fong, and Ben Farr.
  • Elaine got more information from Gabriel Tan and Johnson Paul at the NLB about their offer for us to combine our one-day conference with their bigger Bridging Worlds conference, October 16-17, 2008, and it turns out they would expect all our attendees to pay their fee of S$450/head to attend the joint conference. We discussed it and decided that committing everyone to a three day conference (two days of theirs and one day of ours) was too much to expect -- both in terms of time and money -- especially as we are hoping many of our para-professional staff will attend. So the way forward is us doing it all ourselves, using the biennial Teach-IT conference as the model.
  • Aspects of the Teach-IT conference that we liked: 3 sessions (1 hr 15 min each), good venue, good PA system, clear about its target audience, clear signage, goodie bags, online registration, and a wiki to hold all the presenter information/handouts.
  • Our target audience: teacher-librarians, literacy coordinators, technology coordinators, and paraprofessional staff -- although of course we hope teachers in general will also be interested.
  • Working title for the conference: HANDS ON: Literacy, Technology, and Practical Skills (with potentially the word "library" thrown in there) -- which reflects the three threads to be offered.
  • Under the LITERACY thread, we could have workshops on Boys & Reading, ESL/Foreign Languages and the library, Learning Support, Literature Circles, Graphic Novels, Thinking as a Language, Creative Writing, Approaches to Learning, etc.
  • Under the TECHNOLOGY thread, we could have workshops on Online Research, NLB Databases, Web 2.0, Blogs in the Classroom and Library, Wikis as Research Centers, Wikis as Pathfinders, etc.
  • Under the PRACTICAL SKILLS thread, we could have Creative Displays, Storytelling, Useful Software Applications, Free Web Tools, Book Repair/Binding, Quick Cataloging, etc.
  • A keynote speaker? Although the Teach-IT conference didn't have one, we thought we might try to squeeze one in -- if an appropriate person was available and we could afford it. There are several people in Australia Barb Philip has in mind. Chris Smith from Shambles is another. To be explored.
  • The structure of the day might then go like this: 9:00-10:00 = Keynote, Tea break, 10:30-11:45 = 1st session, Lunch, 12:45-2:00 = 2nd session, Tea break, 2:30-3:45= 3rd session. Optional event to end the day? e.g., a local storyteller (though recognize many wouldn't stay on for it).
  • Venue: AISS and Tanglin are both possibilities.

The committee needs to meet again soon as ideally the program would need to be in draft form by June 1st in order to start publicizing it and to start soliciting sponsorship. Ali from AISS volunteered to join the committee. Given the three conference threads, please be thinking of what workshop session you'd like to offer OR would like to attend -- and let us know!

IBO and Professional Development Opportunities for Librarians:
  • The IBO has offered very little in the way of workshops/conferences for librarians over the past few years, with the spring 2007 conference on information literacy, held here in Singapore, being a major exception. Mario Gauci, a new PYP associate manager in the IB Asia-Pacific office here in Singapore, is now the person liaising with local teacher-librarians about the issue. (NB: Mario is a teacher-librarian himself, though was working as just a teacher at OFS before joining the IB-AP office.) He'd like to meet with any interested teacher-librarians during the week of June 2nd. Katie will be sending out a separate e-mail to everyone who runs one of the IB programmes at their school to get feedback on the best date/venue.

School Library Symposium, May 30, 2008:
  • John Johnson from SAS is giving a workshop at the School Library Symposium being held at the Woodlands public library on May 30th, a joint event of the NLB and the MOE. See the program details here. Guest keynote speakers include Ms Sara Kelly Johns, President of the American Association of School Libraries and Dr Ruth Wong, Lecturer NIE. The price is S$60. For more information, contact schoollibrary@nlb.gov.sg . They e-mail you a registration form and you just e-mail it back -- your school gets the invoice after the event.

Other National Library news:
  • Katie reported that she recently received information from the NLB about the possibility of international schools "leasing" large numbers of books, which seemed to contradict information she'd received last year from the Queenstown public library which indicated international school were welcome to "borrow" large numbers of books. Since the meeting, she received an e-mail explaining the services available to international schools:
    • This is Winny Lam from QUCL, I am currently taking care of the library and glad to learn that you are interested in some NLB library services. As what Jacyln, my previous librarian, mentioned in her email, we do provide assembly talks, book talks, storytelling, library workshops, mass borrowing, mass registration, mini-project and DEAR@ School to primary and secondary schools. All these are free services for all schools in Singapore except the DEAR@School services. This specific services are for government schools only. Sorry about the wrong info that Jacyln has communicated with you.

      At the moment we do not extend the DEAR all schools; however, we can offer something else. We can bring books to your
      school for your students to borrow twice each year. Each of these visits can also be accompanied by short storytelling sessions and booktalks where we introduce the various genres of books to your students.

Reader's Cup:
  • Barb Philip is going ahead with plans for this with a date of March 6, 2009, as the target for when teams need to get together. She's looking at two teams -- upper primary and lower secondary. She'll be setting up a meeting in the next few weeks with interested schools. If you are interested, but didn't attend the last meeting or this one (i.e., if she doesn't have you on her list), then please let Barb know. We will try to organise this meeting to be scheduled for 45mins prior to the mini-conference meeting.
  • Discussion points
    • Timeline
    • Costs (minimal, hopefully)
    • Book titles & supply
  • See the Reader's Cup page (part of this wiki) for more information.

Summer break dates:
  • AISS -- from June 20 to Aug 14
  • Tanglin -- from July 11 to Sept 1
  • SAS -- from June 6 to Aug 7
  • UWC -- from June 20 to Aug 18
  • Eton House -- from June 17 to Aug 5
  • Chatsworth -- from June 27 to Aug 18
  • Avondale -- from June 27 to July 25

End-of-year social get-together:
We decided to get together for a casual dinner on Wednesday, June 11th, 7:00 for 7:30 start, at the Green Room in Bishan Park. It will be a chance for us to say goodbye to those moving on over the summer, so we do hope they will be able to attend.

Ben Farr has been appointed the unofficial social secretary (in charge of booking a large table), so please RSVP to him if you're interested in attending.

Next meeting?
We didn't decide on a date/venue for September. Any volunteers?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 -- 4:00 to 6:00 PM

Eton House International School

Present: Elizabeth Watt, Barb Phillip, Elaine Fong, Kirsten & Sharifah from GESS, Jacqui Stevens, Katie Day, Ben Farr, Cindy Angell, Yvonne Krishnan, Desley Pendergast, Gabriel Tan and Johnson Paul from NLB.
Apologies: Janet Cox, Sally Burk, Jocelyn Holden.

Mini-conference. Discussion about venue and ideas of how to work with the NLB to run our own mini-conference in conjunction with the NLB. A group to meet with Katie later to decide on whether or not to join forces with the NLB conference.

Readers' Cup: Barb Phillip explained how this worked and asked for interested parties to let her know which primary/elementary schools would be taking part. Two groups would compete:- students born Jan, 1999 to Dec, 2001 would be one group and Jan, 1996 to Dec, 1998 a second group. Teams would have 5 members, one of these could be a gifted and talented student. Book titles to be read would need to be decided by July 1, 2008 and school competitions would begin October 20, 2008.

Quality, local companies from whom to purchase: check the Silcasia Supplier list (see link to spreadsheet on Home page).

Magazine subscriptions: After discussion most agreed that to purchase directly from the source is easiest and most reliable way. 'Time' can be read on-line free.

Tanglin Trust TL position to be advertised: Liz Watt is returning to Australia and her position will be advertised to begin work Aug/Sept 2008. Person will work with students aged 3 to 6 years of age.

Next meeting: Australian International School, Thursday, 24 April.
Meeting closed: 5.30pm

Minutes taken by Desley Pendergast, Eton House International School

Wednesday, November 28, 2007 4:30 - 6:00 PM

Singapore American School

The meeting was preceded by a traditional Thanksgiving (turkey) dinner, complete with pecan pie and pumpkin pie for dessert. Many thanks to SAS for such excellent refreshments!

People reminded each other about upcoming author visits
  • Cornelia Funke (GESS): Ingrid Gehle has not had Funke's visit (Apr 21-25?) confirmed yet and said she would send us the relevant contact information so others can write to her as well (adding more impetus to her coming to Singapore).
  • Simon Higgins (Tanglin)
  • Andreas Littras (Tanglin) January
  • Stephen Herrick (AISSA) June 15-16, 2008
  • Morris Gleitzman (SAS?) -- Kirk Palmer said he had been contacted by Booked Out about Gleitzman coming back to Singapore next year (Feb? Oct?)
  • David Schwartz (SAS) -- in March 2009

[See the Visiting Authors page for more information. Everyone should feel free to edit that page with whatever details you want to share.]

Barb Philip (Tanglin) raised the idea of a Singapore "Reader's Cup" -- similar to the annual Reader's Cup organized by the Children's Book Council of Australia, Queensland branch -- which she'd like to set up for 8 to 11 year olds. For those unfamiliar with such a program, here's another description of a Reader's Cup event (published in the Tasmania Dept of Education School Library Bulletin in 2003). All interested should contact Barb.

Professional development opportunities in the coming year were mentioned, e.g., the EARCOS Teachers' Conference 2008 to be held Mar. 26-29, 2008 in Kuala Lumpur, which will feature Margriet Ruurs, a Canadian children's author, as well as The 2 Sisters -- Gail Boushey and Joan Moser -- known for their "Daily 5" program for fostering literacy independence.

The idea of us organizing our own one-day conference (a la TeachIT, the collaborative one-day event recently hosted by SAS) was raised again and several people agreed to form a committee to discuss it further (Katie Day (UWC), Pam Duncan (AISS), Ben Farr (AISS), Lisa Patton (CIS)). Chris Smith of Shambles was suggested as the kind of outside presenter we might get in

One follow-up from our last meeting, which some NLB staff members attended, was a letter from the Queenstown Community Library to those international schools in its catchment area offering various services, such as assembly talks, booktalks, storytelling, workshops for students on information search skills, mass borrowing (where students borrow on their private NLB cards), DEAR@schools (where international schools can borrow up to 1000 books for 9 weeks on various topics), class visits to the library, and service learning projects. Presumably other community libraries could offer similar services to international schools in their area.

There has been no word from the NLB (despite a request) on the status of the idea of institutional access to their digital resources (e.g., international schools registering for digital resources with x number of students able to login at a time).

The meeting finished with a presentation by Ingrid Gehle on "Antolin", a reading extension program which the German European school uses. See the description below (taken from EU*Read)
  • Antolin is a reading promotion website, designed to encourage reading. After registration its use is free of charge. Antolin.de offers an annotated data base on more than 5,000 books for children and young adults. The data base consists of classics as well as new publications, which can be researched via cue or topical research.

Desley Pendergast of Eton House volunteered to host the next meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 20th.

[Minutes taken by Katie Day]

Tuesday 25th September 2007 4.30 – 6.00pm

Overseas Family School Elementary School

Present: Jan Cox, Ann Harcastle, Kate Stanley, Joc Holden, Barbara Philip, Katie Day, Judy McManus,
Elaine Fong, Jacqueline Makselson, Jackie Stevens, Liz Watt, Desley Pendergast Cindy Peck, Carol Law,
Paula Day, Benn Farr, Cindy, Pam, Daniele Weiler, Elaine Underwood

1. NLB overview

Elaine Fong introduced Ian Bains from the National Library Board who talked about Digital Resources and Services available from the Singapore public libraries. 150 data bases are available.

Membership: Premium membership is the only option for foreigners in Singapore (a recent change of policy) and costs $53.30 (must use cash or nets) annually. Will need FIN number or passport details to register as an NBL member and can then access remotely by logging in with a user ID and password. Premium membership is the only means to access the NLB Digital Resources now (previously anyone who registered online, even those without library membership, could). There was some discussion about whether mass registration for the international schools might be possible, e.g., to allow students access to the NLB's Digital Resources at a group rate.
Borrowing rights: 8 items or 4 audio visual
Teen Reading information is available through Ivan Chew.
Privacy controls are in order for people who use the search services.
‘Don’t Panic” Digital Database Discovery Guide pamphlets are available from Ian
Ian will come to any school to demonstrate the Digital Resources – just let him know (invite him).

2. Tim Ramsey -- Follett

Tim Ramsey from Follett International talked about collection development resources that he can supply.

Follett Library Resources, including TitleWave: 5,000 publishers. Searches can provide year by year, author, favourable review information, tells you if you have a book already or will analyse your day to day usage of books. Simple to use and free -- just log in, register and wait a day for the information. Tim is available to help with collection development – just email him.
Time savers! School library journals for collection development –Has ISBN batch processing and can copy spreadsheet or websites of books that have ISBNs and import them directly to a list.
F.E.S.- Follet Educational Services for text book purchasing, paperback novels, literature guides, test prep materials. Provides used unconditionally guaranteed pre-owned text books and is world’s largest supplier with daily updates from 2 – 9pm.
B.W.I. public library info with 100,000 books available to be shipped.

3. ISS Book -- Donations

Judy from I.S.S. seeks early readers/ chapter book donations for her school’s charity event in Saba where they are building a school library and need used books to supplement new books which she will provide from the free dress day funds. The books are needed within the next 3 weeks before they depart.

4. Book Covering

Most Ben from A.I.S.S. sought feedback on library policy for covering books.
Teachers shared approache, with most libraries opting to do away with full plastic covers for Elementary picture books due to high costs.

5. Visiting Authors

It was decided that the email data base (ISS-LN) would be used as a forum for librarians here to review visiting authors.

Cornelia Funke -- coming at the end of May to GESS. Email Elaine Fong if interested.
Narelle Oliver – 1 week at Tanglin Trust school in June. Email Liz Watt if interested.
Matt Dray – from the Gold Coast using photos with text. $1,000.00 per day Primary school based. Email Liz Watt if interested.
Andreas Litmus – uses theme of Greek migration. End of January. Email Barb Philip if interested.
Jan Latta – March 10th. Non-fiction photography books about endangered animals. Email Katie Day if interested.

Most schools run their own ‘Book Week’ in conjunction with their school’s itinerary.

6. Job-a-likes

Jan from OFS proposed that more ‘job a like’ meetings were available for teachers to discuss their own curriculum at different year levels.
- Meetings are to remain as a Network – they will start as a general meeting and then potentially break into sections by interest, e.g., groups of PYP, MYP and Diploma teachers.
- Guest speakers to be kept to a minimum; such as once or twice a year.

7. A.O.B.

Nothing else was raised and the meeting ended around 6.00pm

8. Next Meeting

Date/Time: Wed., Nov. 28th -- 4–6 PM; Location: High School Library at SAS

Minutes of previous meetings (available as downloads of Word documents):