Kerrie Smith will be holding workshops in Professional Learning and Online Communities, linked to her work as Assistant Manager of EDNA (the Education Network of Australia). Kerrie is at the cutting edge of e-learning and social networking and administers several online groups for literacy educators and library staff , providing online training in areas such as digital literacies, learning without borders and finding resources for embedding in multimedia.

Kerrie collaborates with teachers, librarians, authors and students to bring literacy into virtual classrooms.

Kerrie Smith - CV

Assistant Manager of EDNA, in Professional Learning and Online Communities
South Australian Computer Educator of the Year 2000
Australian Computer Educator of the Year 2001
South Australian ICT Leader of the Year 2004
Professional Associate ACCE
Computers in Education Group of South Australia
Manager of South Australian Teachers Email List


Possible workshop offerings

Social networking with educators – why is this important? How do I do it?
Locating trusted online resources –using the EDNA tools, search, newsletters.
Keeping up to date and informed – RSS feeds and other sources.

Why blog? Best practices in blogging.
Running an online community – the how and why of it.