December 2009

The issue of how to maintain an up-to-date email list came up at the last meeting.

Up until now, we could only copy the email list from the last email sent -- which meant emailing everyone every time someone's email needed correcting or someone's name needed adding.

Given that, I took the plunge and set us up as a Google Group called ISSLN (International Schools of Singapore -- Library Network) -- i.e., our own private listserv (much like SILCASIA, though a Google group, not a Yahoo one).

When you want to send something to the whole network, just send it to:

The group homepage/archive can be found at: group/issln

All of us are already members of the group. It's a private group, so you have to be explicitly added, though others can request membership.

It also means we can upload files to privately share with each other, though to access the group's files and the archive of all the messages, everyone will have to get themselves a Google account.

You can control your own group membership settings once you log in via your Google account (including leaving the group).

NB: You -- as a member -- can send something to the whole network using the email address even if you don't have a Google account.

I opted to continue to post the minutes on the public wiki as it's easier to read them there and I don't think there's anything particularly private about

Think of the "issln" Google Group as the private face and this "silcsing" wiki as the public face of our network.

-- Katie Day