NB: Our financial year runs from April 1 to March 31.
Schools who are members of ISLN by September 15
have the following entitlements to discounted ISLN-related professional development,
including Hands on Literacy:

20% discount for library staff
10% discount for all other staff at the school

Free membership

Anyone can:
    1. Attend all general network meetings - or other events as invited by ISLN;
    2. Participate in the Red Dot Awards and other public initiatives;
    3. Access to the wiki;
    4. Access the list of international schools in Singapore list on the wiki;
    5. Be invited to general events, e.g., author ;
    6. Receive email notification of general information from ISLN -- fill in the RSS subs form on the ISLN homepage;

Paid membership

If you wish, you can become a member of ISLN.

Members have these additional rights:
    1. Attend AGMs;

    2. Voting privileges, whenever a member vote is required (at AGMs and other meetings);

    3. Conference/PD discount
      1. 20% discount for Associate, Personal, and Corporate
      2. For School members, 20% discount for nominated library staff & 10% discount for other staff at the school

        NB: To qualify for the discount for the biennial Hands on Literacy conference in November, you must sign up by September 1, 2010.

    4. Banking benefits, e.g., get the benefit of the ISLN bank account for money transfers for PD and other events (e.g., the Bangkok event where we all had to transfer money);

    5. Participation in promotions like the Red Dot Awards -- free books for those members who signed up early and/or right to order books through ISLN;

    6. Receive and send messages as a member of the ISLN Google Group listserv, e.g., more detailed and/or more exclusive information than non-members receive -- and the ease of sending notices to all other members using the ISLN Google Group email list; the Google Group also allows members to upload files to be shared with other members (but not with the general public, as uploaded files on the wiki are).

    7. Access to liaison information and liaison rights, as negotiated by our Liaison Officer, with other librarian groups such as IASL and the National Book Development Council;

    8. Eligible for any Lucky Door Prizes at network meetings;

The member categories are:
  • Personal—$50
  • Open to professional staff currently employed in school libraries in Singapore. Professional membership will entitle that person to attend meetings, vote, receive correspondence and to enjoy a 20% discounton professional development and training offered by the society.

  • School - from $75 - $250
  • · Less than 500 students = $ 75 per annum
  • · 500 to 999 students = $ 125 per annum
  • · 1000 and 1999 students = $ 175 per annum
  • · Over 2000 students = $ 250 per annum
  • Open to schools in Singapore that currently employ library staff, where a school includes multiple campuses operating under one name.
  • School Membership will entitle nominated staff ( those people holding the post of Librarian or Teacher-Librarian or person(s) in charge of a library (no maximum number) ) to attend meetings, vote, receive correspondence and to enjoy a 20% discount on professional development and training offered by the society for those nominated staff.
  • Additional staff members employed by the member institution associated with the member library will receive a 10% discount on professional development and training.

  • Associate—$35
  • Open to teaching/library assistants, university students, staff of non‐profit organisations. Associates may attend meetings, receive correspondence and to enjoy a 20% discount on professional development and training offered by the society.

  • Corporate—$100
  • Open to agencies and businesses with an interest in school libraries.

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