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for people in China who can't access the official conference website (which is a Google Site)

A day of professional development for educators is being held on Saturday, November 13, 2010, at Tanglin Trust School, Singapore.

Organized by ISLN, his one-day conference will focus on literacy development across the curriculum, through the strands of digital and traditional literacy, research and enquiry, early years, librarianship, visual literacy and the arts.

The keynote speaker for the Hands On Literacy Conference is the renowned expert in guided inquiry, Dr. Ross Todd.
Here is a PDF of the programme of workshops on offer.

Registration opens Sep 20th.
Click here to access the Registration program (which is NOT a Google Site, so you should be able to see it).

Download PDF poster

The format of this event will be similar to the highly successful inaugural Hands on Literacy Conference (HOL) held at the Australian International School, Singapore in 2008. Conference workshops will showcase our collective expertise and be peer-to-peer explorations of best and next practice.

The cost is 125 SGD for the day (about US$90).

Registration opens September 20th. Note that the Registration Program is NOT a Google Site, so anyone should be able to access it. The link will be placed here on September 20th.

We welcome overseas participants -- and there will be a social event on the Saturday night for visitors to Singapore.

So for those of you coming from overseas, you could plan on visiting different school libraries Monday daytime and then join the afternoon workshop (and social event in the evening). Watch the website for more details before booking any flights!

Note also that some of our network members are willing to offer home-stay accommodation for those on tight budgets.

Also note (re payment) that overseas participants can pay on the day -- in Singapore dollars -- though bank transfer is also an option.


Feel free to contact Katie Day

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